Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Chocolate Infidelity

Now, having practically been injected with Cadbury’s since birth due to a Manager-of-Cadbury World-Uncle, it takes an awful lot of persuasion for me to champion any other chocolate brand. I stand firm on my devotion to the glass and a half of joy. The closest I have ever come to loving another is the brand I’m about to introduce to you. I should tell you that the reason I opted for this chocolate bar in the first place, was for the slight comedy value of the packaging as a silly present to cheer up my mum. Then we ate some. It is flippin’ LOVELY. May I present, Bloomsberry & Co. Seriously, you should try it.

When I bought this in Sainsbury’s, it was the only design they had in, so I just presumed it was a novelty one off. Ohhhh no no no. There was much more where that came from, I was just yet to discover it in all its glory. Deciding to investigate the brand, I found their website, and a pun-tastic chocolate universe. Go see for yourself.

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