Thursday, 22 October 2009

The (body con)tinuing fashion rip-off

So my sis and I ended up watching a couple of films last night, the first of which being "I Love You, Man", a film I'd wanted to see for ages but never got round to. Paul Rudd plays an awkward geeky character looking for a friend, which is weird, seeing as he's usually the quick witted cool guy. VERY funny, and worth watching if only for one scene. All I'll say is... "Am slappin da bass!"... go watch it and I double dare you not to cry laughing.

Anyway, the second film was a 1988 Roman Polanski flick starring Harrison Ford, 'Frantic'. Which was an ever so slightly ironic title... to be honest the only reasons we kept watching were a) we secretly wanted to know what happened and b) we can't *not* finish a film. Otherwise, we had matchsticks in our eyes. We were also jolted awake by an involuntary giggle now and again at the comedy of how Harrison Ford's character is almost the anti-Indiana Jones in his clumsiness. Particularly the scene on the roof. Funny.

But there was one (pretty random) scene, where Ford and his co-star Emannuelle Seigner go to a nightclub to make an arrangement with the bad guy. I immediately noticed her body-con dress. Probably because celebs have been prancing around in the same design all year. Designers have basically just taken dresses right out the 80's and put literally identical pieces in "new collections", which kind of pisses me off, in that I feel slightly cheated. 

Don't get me wrong, the odd designer piece is an investment. Kept in mint condition, it will be worth an awful lot in 40 years time. But my point is, for designers to say "the 80's are back" when all they've done is literally copy a simple 80's dress, charge thousands of pounds and call it part of an original collection just narks me off. There's no originality to them apart from a puffy sleeve or a bit of embellishment here and there. Nothing to justify the £3k price tag apart from the name, and whether *that* is justifiable is a debate in itself. Do me a favour, just wear the original 80's designs... wear vintage. 

Anyway, that aside, Emannuelle Seigler's "worm dance" to the Grace Jones track they're playing is always good for a giggle ;-) 


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