Monday, 26 October 2009

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

So we went to see Paloma Faith on Saturday night... and I can safely say it was well worth missing X Factor for ;-) I already knew she was amazing but she was even better than I expected. Her live performance on Later with Jools Holland last week didn't do her justice at all. 

The stage was gorgeous and glitzy, decorated with an array of balloon and glitter ball clusters. Her live band share her style, as do her backing singers. She is seriously a little power house. Having been slightly obsessed with her debut album for the past few weeks, I knew all the songs to sing along to... my favourites being New York, Smoke & Mirrors, Stone Cold Sober, Upside Down and Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? Ok so that's half the album... and there are others I love just as much. I knew that 'Upside Down' would induce some serious bum wiggling... if only you could have seen the shapes being thrown by the guy in front of us! Hilarious. 

She is the tiniest little thing! But her vintage style is fantastic... her glittery sequined cocktail gown was fabulous, and as for her shoes... wow.... mega wow. I stupidly forgot my camera charger so iphone photos are all I could manage!

I remember hearing her first single, Stone Cold Sober, on my friend John's radio show (City Beat) and just fell in love within seconds. So I wasn't surprised when her album was more than I'd hoped for! If you haven't heard her yet... may I introduce you....

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  1. I have just got into Paloma Faith - she is awesome and I have a vintage dress I desperately want to send her. She is all I am listening to at the moment xx Great blogaroo missus xx