Monday, 19 October 2009

Here goes...

So, first post! Mind you, would be slightly more satisfying if I had any followers... oh well, got to start somewhere I suppose! I've written blog posts before, but never had my own, so here goes nothin'. 

I don't really have a plan... I just want to use this as an outlet for all the random thoughts I have, all the things I like and want to share, and anything else that will hopefully prove useful/entertaining/interesting/reasonably pointless. So, pretty much the usual reasons people start blogging. How unoriginal of me. 

Anyway, naming things is something that takes me literally an age. I'm not so good with the decisiveness.... I swear my kids are likely to remain nameless for the best part of 2 years whilst I do "ip dip doo's" through baby name books. So filling the "name your blog" box made me want to scream and run away. But I didn't, I faced that bad boy head on, and after brainstorming words I like, words that describe me, and generally crap and obvious blog names, I decided to just wack together two of the things I just plain flippin' well love in life. 

I didn't even like coffee until about a year ago... I've always loved the smell, and even loved Cadbury's Roses coffee creams to the point of feeling genuinely broken inside when they scrapped them. But I can't get enough of the damn stuff now. It rocks and I love it. As for shift dresses... I think my obsession with them came when I started working with vintage clothing. The 1960's is my decade of choice... the shape of the dress suits my figure and being underweight myself, through no other apparent reason than my gene pool (I fit my mum's wedding dress perfectly, and I'm 26. She was 23 when she got married. Yikes.) the likes of Twiggy, Alexa and other shift dress wearers inspire me to make the best of my wee frame.

I wouldn't say no to a few more curves mind you... given the chance I'd snap your freakin' hand off for Brigitte Bardot's body. And face. And hair. (note: hair and face THEN, not now. That would just be silly...)

So now I've demonstrated the utter nonsense I can talk, and made out like I only ever wear shift dresses (I don't, it may surprise you to learn I have other clothes) I hope you'll enjoy my future posts, because I think I'm going to enjoy this blogging lark ;-) 


  1. Yay! Thrilled that you have a blog. Look forward to reading your ramblings and exciting stories. Don't worry about what to write. It's your blog, write whatever the hell you like!


  2. Congrats on the blog! Really looking forward to what you'll come out with :-)

    Also, I have major Brigitte Bardot envy too ;-)